Letterfolk Love

Letterfolk Love

Aug 11th 2018

Growing up, I remember sitting on the pew beside my Grandmother, reading the church attendance on the felt letterboard. Sometimes there was a message of encouragement. Other times there was a contest posted naming the members that had brought the most visitors to church that month. Imagine my surprise when I was scrolling Instagram and found Johnny and Joanna of @Letterfolk!

Today Johnny and Joanna  have reimagined the letterboard. At the time, they never could have imagined how their seed of an idea could have exploded into the everyday life moments, milestones, announcements, and events that their letter boards are used for today.

I'm  so proud to be the local stockist for Letterfolk letterboards! I can't get enough of using them for all of our families special events! We've done menu's, first day of school, birthdays .....so many things!

Letterfolk boards are my go to gift! Next time you're in the shop take home a letterboard to make all your memories more special!

Jamie xoxo

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